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We will rent your flat as soon as possible, you will enjoy an extra income and it will not entail any work or worries for you.

Our rental management services resolve your uncertainties

The team at Alquiler Seguro Valencia wants you to enjoy the little things in life while you earn money for renting your property. This means each and every one of our services is designed to ensure renting your flat causes you no concerns whatsoever.

How much can I rent my property for?

We assess the market and let you know how much you could earn by renting your property. Earn as much as possible!

Which formalities do I have to comply with to rent my property?

We carry out all the necessary administrative procedures. Forget the bureaucracy!

What do I do if the tenant fails to pay rent?

We guarantee you receive the rental payment, regardless of whether or not it is made. Always collect your rent!

How do I keep them from negotiating my terms?

Professional representation avoids possible misunderstandings and emotional ties.

Where and how can I find a good tenant?

We search for, evaluate and interview each applicant. That is how we rent your flat to the right person.

How can I ensure my belongings remain in good condition?

We always attach an inventory report to the rental agreement. It details the contents of the property and their state.

What do I do if my tenant doesn't pay and doesn't want to leave?

This is unlikely to happen with our tenant selection process. Though we will cover the costs of legal advice if it were to happen.

Do I have to deal with every incident that occurs?

We take care of every incident and emergency that may occur.

How do I transfer utility services?

Your comfort is very important to us, so we will take care of transferring utility services.

What do I do if my tenant leaves?

We settle the contract and find you another good candidate when the tenant leaves the property.

Do I have to be at my tenant's disposal at any time?

We offer a personalised service 24/7. Enjoy your spare time!

What do I have to do to rent my property?

With ASV, renting your flat is effortless. Leave everything in our hands, forget about worries and be happy.

What our clients say about Alquiler Seguro Valencia

“I am very satisfied with the ASV service. They are very serious, always find good tenants and convey the tranquillity I need…”

Agnes García

“We are an Irish company and ASV has been managing our properties for three years. We are highly satisfied and we trust them.

Marcin Szulc

“They have shown that they know what they’re doing from the start and that they can handle very well not only the procedures but also the interrelations between people.”

Laura Vila