Services. Rental Management

We ensure your peace of mind by managing your property’s rental

At VPM, we take care of managing the rental of your flat or house in a comprehensive manner. Profiting on your second home, without effort or worries, is very easy thanks to our services. Let’s cover the 12 elements that integrate our promise to you. Obtain an extra monthly income safely and comfortably. 

Rental market assessment:

How much can you earn monthly by renting your flat?

We are real estate professionals. We lead more than ten years in the industry achieving maximum profitability for landlords while providing a suitable home to fit each tenant’s profile.

Handling of administrative formalities:

Forget the bureaucracy and cumbersome paperwork

The administrative formalities arising from rental management are one of our specialities.
We deposit the bond, draw up the terms of the contract based on the owner’s requests, and present the paperwork to the appropriate authorities.
We know the whole process inside out, and of course, we take care of everything.

Guaranteed rental payment:

You will receive the rental amount every month

We are so confident in the efficiency and peace of mind that our service signifies, that any incident with the payment, on the part of the tenant, will not affect you.

You will receive the full amount every month.


Professional representation among the parties:

Personal disagreements will never occur

We are human, and as such, there can be emotional ties between stakeholders, sometimes resulting in the acceptance of conditions with which one of us is not comfortable. Having a professional representing the parties eliminates the emotional bond, ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements sought initially.

Tenant selection:

Finding the perfect tenant will be a breeze

If you’re happy with the person in your house, so are we. To avoid monetary contingencies, each person interested in your home will have an economic viability study done. Furthermore, we ensure the family and social life profile fits the characteristics of the home. Consequently, we take into account your profile and subject each application to a psycho-technical test.

Inventory of the contents and condition of the property:

Everything you leave to the tenant will be recorded

We will annex to the rental contract the inventory of each belonging you leave for the use and enjoyment of the tenant. A photograph and a description of the state in which it is left will accompany each one of them. At the end of the contract, your things should remain as you expect them to be.

Handling property incidents and emergencies:

Possible repairs and replacements will not be a concern

Your peace of mind and comfort is most important to us. That’s why our rental management includes managing any emergency or incident that may occur in the property. Making your flat or house profitable will mean no extra work for you.

Full legal advice:

Legal and friendly conflict resolution

We have full confidence in the tenant selection methods we undertake, so we guarantee your rental payment with our means and external insurance. In the unlikely event a tenant’s situation becomes complicated (for example, due to the Covid-19 crisis), you would not only continue to collect the rent of the flat, but the legal advice on the case would also be covered.

Transferring utility services:

Forget all the formalities arising from rental management

Our main objective is that you can rent your property without worrying about any paperwork. We will contact every utility supplier, so the bills run at the new tenant’s expense the moment they move in.

Contract termination and tenant search:

Your property will always be rented

If the person who lives in your home decides to stop living there, we will arrange for the contract to be terminated adequately so that everything is in order. After the termination of the agreement, we will find an eligible new tenant appropriate for your property.

24/7 personalised attention:

Tending to your tenant at any time is our business

Renting your home will never be a concern for you. We have a direct tenant assistance service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can deal with any incidents that may occur, at any time.

Set yourself free of troubles and worries:

Your peace of mind is the most important thing

We at ASV offer you all our services, staff and experience so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Making your home profitable without any problems or worries is our reason for being. It is time to receive extra income and increase your happiness.

Do you want to rent your property safely?